Ahh—the exciting world of subscription box businesses, where customers eagerly await the arrival of their monthly treasure trove of handpicked products! As an entrepreneur in this booming industry, it’s essential to choose the right software to manage your business effectively. But with so many options available, how do you find the perfect fit?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 subscription box software solutions, compare their features, and provide you with valuable tips for choosing which software to go with so you can manage your subscription box business seamlessly.

In a nutshell, this guide will help you:

  • Discover the perfect subscription box software for your business with features like ease of use, customization & integration capabilities
  • Grow and retain your subscribers by implementing successful strategies like targeted marketing, referral programs & loyalty incentives.
  • Share tips on managing your subscription boxes’ software and business

Choosing the right subscription box software: 4 things to consider

A person using a laptop to manage their subscription box business

Starting a subscription box business can be both rewarding and lucrative. The key to success, however, is in choosing subscription box software that equips you with the necessary features and tools for efficient business management.

But how do you know which software is the best fit for your needs? When evaluating your options, consider these four key aspects:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Customization
  3. Integration capabilities
  4. Pricing

Focusing on these factors will help pinpoint the ideal ecommerce subscription platform tailored to your business needs, paving the way for your success.

1. How user-friendly is it?

Let’s face it—you’re not looking to become a tech guru overnight. You want software that’s as intuitive as snapping your fingers. Look for a solution that makes setting up, managing, and tweaking your subscription boxes a breeze. Remember that you’re the mastermind behind your boxes—not the software!

Ease of use actually applies to all businesses, not just subscription businesses. After all, providing a seamless experience for both you and your customers is of utmost importance.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface not only makes managing your business a breeze. It also ensures that your customers can effortlessly interact with your subscription services, resulting in higher satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, an investment in good UX can provide amazing ROI—as high as 9,900%. Additionally, the conversion rate can increase by almost 400% if the user interface is appealing and strategic.

When we talk about ease of use, this includes the payment processing function. It is a critical aspect of subscription box businesses, and your chosen eCommerce platform should offer customers a smooth and secure experience month after month. For business owners, managing your recurring revenue should be hassle-free as well.

2. What can you customize?

Your subscription boxes are unique, just like you. Seek out platforms that allow you to tailor your boxes to match your brand’s personality. From themes and colors to fonts and images—customization is your secret weapon for standing out in a sea of boxes.

A successful subscription box business thrives on creating unique and personalized customer experiences. To achieve this, your subscription platform should offer customization options that allow you to design exciting new, subscription features and products tailored to your customers’ preferences and needs.

Customizable templates and personalization features enable you to create and sell subscription boxes, and experiences that stand out from the competition. By providing one-of-a-kind experiences, you’ll set yourself apart in the dynamic world of subscription box businesses.

3. What are its integration capabilities?

Screenshot showing integrations of different digital tools

Ah, the beauty of teamwork! Your subscription box software should play nicely with other tools you love. Whether it’s your CRM, email marketing platform, or inventory management system, seamless integration is the name of the game. Less hassle, more time for creative brainstorming.

To ensure smooth operations, a successful subscription box business also relies on seamless integration with various tools aside from the current eCommerce platform you’re using. The platform you choose should be capable of integrating with other software that subscription businesses use, such as:

  • Payment processors
  • Billing software
  • Customer relationship management solutions
  • eCommerce store website builders

Having these integrations in place will not only streamline your business processes, but they will also provide a more cohesive and enjoyable experience for your subscribers. By choosing a subscription eCommerce platform with robust integration capabilities, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the complexities of managing a subscription box business.

4. How much does it cost?

With a multitude of options available, it’s crucial to find a solution that offers the features you need at a price that suits your budget. Keep in mind that the lowest-priced option may not always be the best choice, as it may lack essential features or scalability for your growing business.

Take the time to evaluate the various pricing plans and packages offered by other subscription eCommerce platforms. Consider factors such as features, scalability, and monthly or annual fees. A careful evaluation of your options will allow you to find the ideal software that meets your unique business needs without straining your budget.

Top 10 subscription box software solutions

A person selecting from multiple payment gateways and options for their subscription box business

After understanding what to look for in a subscription box software, let’s examine the top 10 solutions available that could be a fit for your business. Each of these platforms offers a unique set of features and benefits tailored to various subscription box businesses, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Subbly (best for entrepreneurs who want a no-fuss setup)

Price: Starts at $39/month ($29/month if annual subscription); Free trial for 14 days

Subbly is designed to make it easier for businesses to create and manage their subscription-based operations. It offers a comprehensive set of features to help simplify the subscription process, such as customizable templates, a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, and integration with various payment gateways, making it a versatile choice for subscription box businesses.

With its robust platform and user-friendly interface, Subbly is an excellent option for businesses looking to create and manage their subscription boxes with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.


  • Beginner-friendly with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Flexible subscription models and pricing options.
  • Built-in analytics for tracking performance.


  • Limited features on the lower-priced plans.
  • May require additional integrations for advanced needs.

Cratejoy (best for beginners looking to kick-of their business)

Price: Starts at $24.99/month (+ transaction fees)

Cratejoy is a comprehensive subscription box platform that covers everything from setup and customization to billing and shipping—and even marketing. It’s designed to simplify the subscription box business by providing an end-to-end solution for subscription box entrepreneurs.


  • User-friendly interface, perfect for newcomers.
  • A wide range of customizable templates and themes.
  • Handles billing, shipping, and customer management seamlessly.


  • Transaction fees on lower-tier plans.
  • Limited customization options for advanced users.

ReCharge (best for scaling businesses already using the Shopify storefront)

Price: Custom pricing based on transaction volume.

Many eCommerce brands eventually decide to make the move and transition into a subscription box business. ReCharge specializes in subscription billing and recurring payments. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify, making it an excellent choice for eCommerce businesses that already have a stable Shopify store.

Combining the power of Shopify’s versatile platform with the subscription management capabilities of Recharge, this dynamic duo offers a comprehensive subscription eCommerce solution for your subscription box business.


  • Robust subscription billing capabilities.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Very customizable interface
  • Seamless integration with various payment gateways
  • User-friendly mobile interface.


  • Pricing can be high for high-volume businesses.
  • Some features may require custom development.

Chargebee (best for those looking for advanced billing solutions_

Price: Free for first USD 250k of cumulative billing; 0.75% on billing afterward); paid plans start at $599/month

Chargebee is a subscription billing and revenue management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features for subscription management. Offering a range of features such as billing automation, customer support, and seamless payment processing, Chargebee makes it easy to manage your subscriptions and recurring payments.


  • Robust billing automation and revenue recognition.
  • Integrations with various payment gateways and platforms.
  • Comprehensive subscription analytics.
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Top-notch customer support


  • Pricing can be high for startups.
  • Some features may require technical expertise.

WooCommerce Subscriptions (best for WordPress users who want to add a subscription option)

Price: $19.92/month

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a WordPress plugin that adds subscription functionality to WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce platform. This plugin comes with various tools to help you create and manage your subscription box business with ease.


  • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Comes with customizable templates
  • Integrates with various payment providers


  • Limited features compared to other dedicated subscription platforms.
  • May require additional premium plugins for specific functionalities.

PayWhirl (best for those who need flexibility and versatility)

Price: Starts at $0/month (with 3% per transaction); 14-day free trial available

PayWhirl is a payment scheduling software that integrates with various eCommerce platforms. Other benefits of using PayWhirl include automated customer management, email updates, and fast content delivery.


  • Very easy to set up as widgets can just be dropped in existing websites
  • Customizable emails and invoices
  • Predictive growth and forecasting


  • Limited features on the lower-tier plans.
  • May require additional integrations and API knowledge for specific needs.

Recurly (best for businesses with complex pricing models)

Price: Starts at $0; Custom pricing based on business needs

Recurly is a robust subscription management software and recurring billing platform that offers a comprehensive solution for managing subscription box businesses. Some of its best features include managing subscription changes, delivering personalized emails throughout the customer journey, and supporting subscribers with parent and child accounts.

In short, Recurly’s features all mesh together to help businesses sell subscriptions and boost subscriber lifetime value.


  • Manages users with multiple subscriptions
  • Offers total control over managing subscription rules and settings
  • Advanced subscription analytics


  • Pricing may not be suitable for small businesses.
  • Implementation can be complex

Zoho Subscriptions (best for small to medium-sized businesses)

Price: Free for 1 user and 20 subscriptions; Paid plans start at $59/month

Zoho Subscriptions offers a comprehensive solution with features such as subscription management, billing, and analytics. Key benefits of using Zoho Subscriptions include its seamless integration with various payment providers and the ability to manage multiple customer subscriptions with ease.


  • User-friendly interface with easy setup.
  • Automated and flexible billing options, including one-time charges and add-ons.
  • Integration with popular third-party payment gateways.
  • Comes with dunning management and automatic retries for failed payments
  • Flexible billing


  • May not be suitable for large enterprises with complex billing needs.
  • Advanced features may require higher-tier plans.

Bold Subscriptions (best for Shopify store owners looking for a quick subscription plugin)

Price: Starts at $49.99/month; 60-day free trial available

Bold Subscriptions is a Shopify app that adds subscription functionality to your simple online store. It’s known for its flexibility and integration capabilities. Offering a range of features and integrations, its customizable interface and various tools enable subscription box business owners to create a unique experience.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify.
  • High degree of customization for subscription products.
  • Subscription settings and online payments are easy to manage
  • Advanced credit card dunning feature


  • Can be complex for beginners.
  • Additional charges for some advanced features.

Subscription Flow (best for businesses gearing up for the next stage of growth)

Price: Starts at $149/month

Subscription Flow is a versatile and customizable subscription management solution suitable for businesses of various sizes, especially those looking to prioritize customer experience and optimize their subscription processes.

Aside from offering integrations, workflows, and subscription management features, it also includes advanced features to help business owners with growth and retention.


  • High degree of customization
  • Advanced features to help with long-term growth
  • Scalable for businesses looking to grow


  • May be expensive for startups
  • Steep learning curve

Tips for managing your subscription box business

A person using marketing tools to manage their subscription box business

Regardless of which subscription box software you choose to go with, here are some golden tips to keep in your back pocket:

Managing a subscription box business is an exciting journey, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some actionable tips to help you navigate this terrain effectively:

Listen closely to customer feedback

Your subscribers are your best advisors. Ask for feedback, and pay close attention when they give it. What do they love about your product and your digital interface? What could be improved? Use this valuable input to refine your offerings and build stronger customer relationships.

Actionable: Set up surveys, feedback forms, or engage with customers on social media. Check out these tools. Act on their suggestions to enhance your box contents, themes, or customer service.

Consistency is key

Consistency builds trust and keeps subscribers engaged. Stick to a regular schedule for box deliveries, ensuring they receive their goodies on time. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, be dependable.

Actionable: Create a production and shipping schedule that you can consistently adhere to. Communicate any delays or changes with your subscribers well in advance. Ensure that your software can also be integrated with your logistics partner so your subscribers can get real-time updates.

Embrace flexibility

The subscription box market is ever-evolving. Stay adaptable and open to change. Trends shift, and your subscribers’ preferences may evolve over time. Be ready to pivot and refresh your box offerings to stay relevant.

Actionable: Keep an eye on industry trends, conduct market research, and be willing to experiment with new products, themes, or pricing models based on the changing landscape.

Build a strong online presence

Visualization of an online community

In today’s digital age, your online presence is crucial. Create an engaging website, maintain active social media profiles, and use email marketing to connect with your audience. Your online brand should reflect your box’s unique personality.

Actionable: Invest in a user-friendly website, post regular content on social media, and engage with your subscribers through email newsletters. Use these platforms to tell your brand story and showcase the value of your boxes.

Offer personalization options

Personalization adds a special touch to your subscription boxes. Allow subscribers to customize their orders based on their preferences whenever possible. It makes them feel valued and enhances their overall experience.

Actionable: Implement customization features on your website or subscription management platform. Let subscribers choose product variants, flavors, or themes, or even offer exclusive add-ons.

Engage your community

Building a community around your brand fosters a sense of belonging among your subscribers. Encourage interactions among subscribers and with your brand to create a loyal and supportive community.

Actionable: Create a private online group or forum where subscribers can connect, share unboxing experiences, and offer each other tips. You can even host exclusive events or giveaways to foster a sense of belonging. Implementing a referral program is another way to get your subscribers more involved.

Prepare your back-ups

The thing with subscription box businesses is that subscribers are charged automatically—whether monthly or annually. Sometimes, a subscriber churns without meaning to due to failed payments that can be caused by maxed-out credit cards, insufficient funds, suspicious fraud, or even technical bugs.

Actionable: Set up a failed payment recovery system that will complement any dunning campaigns you may already have in place. For example, Recover Payments integrates with payment processing tools to uncover how much revenue from subscription payments your businesses are actually losing. Then, a failed payment recovery specialist works to recover the revenue that is rightfully yours.

Analyze and iterate

Continuous improvement is the name of the game. Regularly analyze your subscription metrics, including churn rate, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions and iterate on your strategy.

Actionable: Set up analytics tools to track key subscription metrics. Review the data regularly and adjust your marketing, product offerings, or pricing accordingly to optimize your business.

The right software can influence the future of your subscription box business

A person analyzing performance metrics of their subscription box business

Selecting the appropriate subscription box software is a critical move. With so many options available, it’s essential to carefully evaluate each software solution’s features and benefits to find the best fit for your unique needs.

Remember, the software you choose should align with your unique needs, whether you’re just starting out or managing a well-established subscription empire. Keep your customers at the forefront and offer them a delightful and consistent experience with your subscription boxes.

Ready to elevate your subscription box business to new heights? Contact Recover Payments today to explore how our solutions can benefit your subscription business model. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation and take the next step towards subscription success.

Go forth and conquer the subscription box landscape with confidence and determination, knowing that the right software and strategies are the keys to your success!