Recover Failed Payments with Recover Payments

Maximize and scale your subscription business by combining Recharge with Recover Payments—a trusted human-powered failed payment recovery platform.

Why Recover Payments

Recharge powers over 15,000 brands and helps them increase lifetime value and retention rates through its reliable subscription payments solution.

However, involuntary churn due to failed subscription payments continues to be a threat.

Failed payments occur due to any of these reasons:

Recover Payments can help you recover at least 75% of your monthly lost revenue and improve your customer retention rate.

How It Works


Integrates with Recharge


Meet your Payment Recovery team


Start recovering your lost revenue


Improve customer retention

Integrates with Recharge

Recover Payments integrates with Recharge to help merchants recover failed payments.

It connects to merchants’ payment processor and automatically captures data on failed payment attempts.

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Meet your Payment Recovery team

Get to know the team who will personally handle your tailored payment recovery plan.

They will strategize, execute, and monitor progress—which you can view on a personalized reporting dashboard.

Start recovering your lost revenue

Specially trained Recover Payments Specialists will use omnichannel outreach strategies to maximize failed payment recovery.

Plus, they will collect customer feedback during conversations so you can gain insights into what your customers are really thinking.

Recover Payments dashboard

Pricing Starting at


160 hours / 4 weeks

Per Dedicated Specialist

40 hours of work every week

What's included

Leverage Stripe with Recover Payments

Combat failed payments with the power of Stripe and Recover Payments combined.

Recover Payments Specialists are Stripe experts and can help you maximize the online payment processing platform.

Get your much-needed headspace to focus on growing your revenue, instead of micromanaging your payment gateways.

Blair Williams photo

Blair Williams

Founder of Caseproof & MemberPress

Recover Payments is simply fantastic. They help us recover many payments that would otherwise be lost and they provide the clearest reporting you’ll ever see.

Need someone to handle your payment systems and monitor your revenue ?