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Recover Payments is a human-powered done-for-you failed payment recovery platform that helps you recover lost revenue and improve customer retention through omnichannel personalized recovery campaigns.

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Supported Features

Get Started Process

  1. Book a call to schedule a consultation with Recover Payments.
  2. We evaluate your current setup to figure out the apps we need to integrate with.
  3. Subscribe for the right Recover Payments monthly plan based on your volume of failed payments.
  4. We send you an onboarding checklist for us to collect the necessary content and accesses to prepare your designated Payment Recovery Specialists for payment recovery.
  5. We create your logins for Recover Payments and send you emails with the details.
  6. Log in with your credentials to set up your account.
  7. Integrate your payment platform under My Brand/Integrations to get started.
  8. We review your integrations and app accesses to ensure everything is good to go.
  9. We set up your payment recovery cadences together.
  10. We execute your payment recovery campaigns for you.


We integrate with different payment platforms to ensure we are able to help all brands recover failed payments. The list of integrations will keep growing. 🦄

Payment platforms supported

How to integrate

1. Click on My Brand.

2. Click on Integrations.

3. Under Connect with us, select your payment platform.

4. Click on Connect.

5. You will be redirected to your payment platform to grant the relevant permissions.

6. Follow the on-screen steps to finish the integration.

7. Recover Payments will begin receiving any failed payments based on the Contact type selected.

8. You can also import old contacts for us to start recovering.

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If you have any questions about Recover Payments, feel free to reach out to us.