Failed Payment Recovery Done by Human Experts and Technology

Recover at least 50% of your monthly lost revenue and improve customer retention for your subscription-based business.

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See how much churn is costing you

We recognized the problem subscription-based businesses face with involuntary churn, so we designed a done-for-you failed payment recovery service and application to help you recover failed payments and retain customers.

What is your monthly recurring revenue (MRR)?
What is your churn rate (CR)?

With Recover Payments, you can recover


of monthly recurring revenue 🚀

That is an additional


of annual revenue 🦄

Your results

Voluntary Churn (%)

Involuntary Churn (%)

* industry average is 30% of overall churn.

Involuntary Churn ($)

Recover Payments (%) – 60%

* the average recovery rate with personalized human outreach and software. Can be higher.

Recover Payments ($)

And it happens all the time!


Almost 50% of all churn is caused by failed payments.


Businesses lose around 10% of their revenue because of failed payments.


More than 85% of customers never respond to automatic dunning emails.​

So why do card payments fail?

Many businesses are not aware of the possible risk of losing a significant amount of revenue because of card declines due to:

The businesses we help


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


Online Courses


Subscription-Based Business

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Our Case Studies

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How LTVplus Helped Awesome Motive Recover More Than $17k in Revenue in 5 Months

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How LTVplus helped Caseproof recover over $100k of lost revenue

Recover Payments is simply fantastic. They help us recover many payments that would otherwise be lost and they provide the clearest reporting you’ll ever see.

The ROI here is huge … using Recover Payments for payment recovery is just a no-brainer!

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Blair Williams

Founder of Caseproof and MemberPress


How Recover Payments works

Only pay for the hours spent on recovery. There are no hidden fees or commissions.

1. Integrate with Recover Payments


2. Meet your payment recovery team


3. Recover your lost revenue


4. Find out what customers are really thinking

Our Recover Payments specialists help you

Eunilaine Leabres

Hi! I'm Euna!

I’m a Specialist at Recover Payments. I recover failed payments and churned customers for online businesses.

The Recover Payments Platform

Software that powers our human personalized payment recovery.

Integrated CRM

We sync with your payment processor and other platforms to receive customers with failed payments in our CRM immediately as they happen.

Once synced, we begin our human payment recovery process based on your cadence to ensure time is not wasted.

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Metrics & reporting

Get a detailed view of how much revenue we have recovered for you and how well your Payment Recovery Specialists are performing.

Keep track of the activities your Specialists are performing daily and the notes they create so we know what works.

Payment recovery cadence

Create a payment recovery cadence that your Specialists will execute with every customer that has a failed payment.

Our Customer Success Managers will collaborate with you to create and optimize cadences through the course of our partnership.

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Shopify subscriptions

Recover Payments partners with Seal Subscriptions to help you maximize the value of each subscription.

A robust platform for accepting and managing subscriptions on Shopify, Seal Subscriptions allows you to offer various subscription types, monitor your churn rate through detailed statistics, and engage with your customers using automated emails.





40 hours / 4 weeks

Per Dedicated Specialist

10 hours of work every week



160 hours / 4 weeks

Per Dedicated Specialist

40 hours of work every week

What's included

Recover failed payments and grow the revenue of your online business.

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can help you recover lost revenue with Recover Payments.